North Florida PAWS, Inc.
Florida not-for-profit corporation with IRS Tax Exemption 501(c)(3)
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Price List

Tests, Vaccinations, Meds, Microchip, etc.


$15   Heartworm Occult Test (dogs)  >>>>>>>>>>                                

  25   FeLV/FIV (cats)  [Tests for Feline

         Leukemia & Feline "Aids"]                                                  


$  9   Rabies Initial one-year (dogs and cats)

   15   Rabies Booster three-year (dogs and cats)  Legal for all follow-up shots after the first vaccination.

   10   FVRCP (cats)  [annual shot]  Core Vaccines for:  Feline Distemper & 3 Upper Respiratory Infectious Diseases

   15   FVRCP + FeLV [annual shot]  Requires a negative FeLV/FIV test here or proof if done elsewhere.

   14   DHPP (dogs) [annual shot]  Core Vaccines for:  Distemper, Hepatitis, Parvovirus, Parainfluenza

   15   DHLPP (dogs) [annual shot]  Above plus Leptospirosis (common in rural areas)


Heartworm Preventive 6-Pack Tri-Heart Plus  (Ivermectin/Pyrantel) (dogs)
(Also controls hookworms and roundworms)  Requires Annual Heartworm Test

$15    up to 25 pounds        $50   101 - 125 pounds

$25     26 - 50 pounds       $ 60   125 - 150 pounds

$35     51 - 100 pounds 

Flea Control for Cats and Dogs ~ Chewable COMFORTIS Tablets:

$60 for 6-pack (6 month supply) All Weight Ranges
$11  for one tablet 
Liquid for Cats who won't take pills:  Vectra Liquid  $34 for 3-dose pack

Flea and Tick Control for Dogs:  Vectra 3D Liquid  $36 for 3-dose pack

Tapeworm Medication Per Dose (requires a second dose 3 weeks later)

 $ 10  Cats and Small Dogs
    10   Dogs  11 - 30 pounds
    12   Dogs  31 - 50 pounds
    16   Dogs  51+ pounds 

General De-wormer Per Dose (dogs and cats)  (requires a second treatment 3 weeks later)

$10   for roundworms and hookworms (Strongid T)

$10  minimum for Panacur, a broad spectrum dewormer (may be higher for large dogs)  

$ 5   Nails Clipped (with surgery only)

  18   Microchip and Registration with "24 Pet Watch"

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