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Dog Training and Behavior

** Group Classes starting Saturday mornings (9am) in Lake City in the Dog Park at the "Pet Spot Groomers" on Main Street.  5-week class fee is $60.00 ($50.00 if dog was adopted from an animal shelter). 

**  Private Lessons In-Home available from Associate Trainers.

**  AGGRESSIVE DOG Private Sessions by appointment with Katie Rooney, Lead Trainer.


* How to "talk Dog"  
Effectively communicating with your dog requires an understanding of how canines "talk" to each other.

* Basic Commands  Sit, Stay, Down, Come when called, and  Walk on a Loose Leash.

 Behavior Modification  for Housesoiling, Jumping, Chewing, Biting, and other common unwanted behaviors.

* Advanced training  to learn all the commands to pass a Canine Good Citizen's test, fun tricks, and more.

Aggression   How to cure or reduce dog-to-dog and dog-to-human aggression  and similar problems.

Modern trainers use POSITIVE REINFORCEMENT.  Our trainer is a "Certified Pet Dog Trainer" through CCPDT (Certification Council for Pet Dog Trainers, Inc.) and a member of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers, Inc.   For details on style of training, mission, and code of ethics, Please visit     

Old-style training
requires you to set your dog up for failure then correct him/her with a leash jerk or other aversive move.  Very confusing to the dog and harmful to the relationship.  This does not teach leadership; just fear.
Positive Reinforcement lets you set your dog up for success and reward your dog when he/she gets it right!  Your dog understands what you want him/her to do without harm. 


Choke Chains, Prong Collars, and Shock Collars are NOT necessary to good training!  They hurt the dogs and harm the human-dog relationship. 
Most dogs learn well on a regular flat collar and leash.  When additional physical control and/or s
safety are an issue, Premier Easy Walk Harnesses, No-Slip collars, and Gentle Leaders are much better options.

  • FLAT (buckle or snap) COLLAR:   Permanent collar with identification. 
  • LEASH:  A simple leash, not more than 4' long, is sufficient.  A 2' leash is also recommended.  We do not recommend retractables for training but are fine for post-training walks.
  • Premier EASY WALK HARNESS:  A unique harness which keeps the dog from choking and, best of all, stops the dog from pulling the owner by attaching the leash to a ring on the chest strap rather than off the back. 
  • Premier GENTLE LEADER:  The best head collar for dogs who are stronger than their owner and is at risk of biting another animal or person.  Works like the headcollar on a horse. 
  • Premier NO-SLIP (Martingale-style) COLLAR:   This cloth version of a choke chain works better and is much safer for your dog.  Properly fitted, your dog cannot BACK OUT of it.

There are many excellent Positive Reinforcement Training  books and videos on the market.  Dog trainers/animal behaviorists we recommend include, but are not limited to,  Dr. Patricia McConnell, John Fisher, Dr. Ian Dunbar, Jean MacDonald,  Karen Pryor, Nicole Wilde, and Victoria Stillwell.   A good source for dog training and other pet-related resources is  

If you wish to order dog books, please click on the button below Dogwise, All Things Dog!. North Florida PAWS receives a portion of each sale.  Thank you!

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